Centrul de Informare Tehnologică al INCDTIM | Centrul de Informare Tehnologică al INCDTIM
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Centrul de Informare Tehnologică al INCDTIM Cluj-Napoca se vrea o punte de legătură între cercetarea desfășurată în INCDTIM și o comunitate globală de antreprenori, investitori și organizații din industrie. Scopul CIT este valorificarea prin transfer tehnologic a rezultatelor cercetării și inovării cu caracter aplicativ din INCDTIM către mediul privat. Prin activitățile noastre, facilităm: colaborări pe termen lung între institut și organizații din industrie prin cercetare contractuală, cercetare orientată către industrie/mediul privat/mediul de afaceri.

Solutions for:

We have developed and validated complex analytical methods, from isotopic fingerprinting to metal detection at the trace level, for quality control of food and beverages, for brand protection of agricultural and food products, and for implementing an ecological and sustainable agriculture - soil quality control.

Our offer is focused on increasing the bioavailability of synthetic or natural active pharmaceutical ingredients by new crystalline forms screening, screening with high solubility, or by encapsulation in various biocompatible carriers: cyclodextrins, metal-organic frameworks, solid dispersions, etc. We have developed sensors to detect various biomarkers, as well as functionalized nanosystems for applications in nanomedicine.

We have expertise in detecting organic pollutants and toxic metals at trace levels. We develop stand-alone or combined practical solutions to eliminate organic pollutants and toxic metals based on adsorption, photocatalysis, magnetic separation and filtration processes. For this purpose, composite materials based on nanostructured magnetic semiconductors and oxides, carbon structures and polymeric membranes are used.

Our offer contains a wide range of materials, synthesis technologies and expertise in the design of nanocomposites with adjustable properties, depending on the specific needs. The applications are aimed at the production of biodegradable biopolymers and hybrid materials built up on various platforms, depending on the desired application: magnetic nanoparticles / nanoclusters, responsive nanogels, etc.

Technological Information Center
INCDTIM Cluj-Napoca

Donat Street 67-103
400293 Cluj-Napoca, România

Email: tto@itim-cj.ro

Tel.: +40 264 58 40 37

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